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The Fairy Melusine ([personal profile] thefairymelusine) wrote2015-12-23 07:31 pm

Good things list

Semester is over! I am so bloody glad it's over. The last few days of it were quite nice, I went to my friends' shared house Christmas dinner and to see Star Wars on Friday, and then my best friend at uni and I had our annual overly fancy Christmas dinner, and I managed to finish some work around that. Mum turned up late on Sunday morning and helped me finish packing. I've been at the ancestral for a few days, mostly hanging out with my sister and the cat and dog, and being very, very tired.t

1. I have bought festive gifts, and not either spent too much, or left stuff last minute.

2. Friend-I-talk-to-most-days is having a rough time, and therefore has often been out of communication, but yesterday I woke up to a text from him.

3. The days don't get any shorter now.

4. I may have worked out how to knit hats? I made a santa hat for one of my sister's ornaments, and am trying to translate this into person size hats.

5. I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but I have an appointment for my chronic joint pain issues in the new year, and this is very good.

6. I am reading The Buried Giant, and while I have not yet finished it, so far it is pretty darn good.

7. I am decorating *my* Christmas tree this evening and while I am kind of sad to be doing it by myself this year, I am still pleased and feel weirdly grown up about having my own Christmas tree.

8. As I am home I can have a bath. I really missed baths. (I *can* shower but sensory and pain issues make it more difficult, especially on bad brain days)

9. I also have purple hair dye to top up my purple hair.

10. I got a sweet email from a friend at uni last year who dropped out after the summer, and that was nice because I'd been worrying about him and hadn't heard from him for a while.

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