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The Fairy Melusine ([personal profile] thefairymelusine) wrote2016-01-12 04:43 pm

R.I.P. David Bowie

Apparently I loved Labyrinth as a kid, according to my dad. It makes sense that I would, especially around the age of 7-9, and even give unreliability of memory it makes sense that I would have seen it, and that my dad would not be lying. Unfortunately trauma around school and parental illness ate quite a lot of that period of memories, so I couldn't remember it for a long time, and skipped it in my teens somehow, so I don't remember seeing it until I was 25. I went to an open air screening during the last couple of weeks of my access course and sobbed through most of it (in a good way). And he's a pretty integral part of it.

This a long preamble to my intro about how my main experience of Bowie is as an artist my cooler queer friends and acquaintances adored. I was listening to some of his work on Spotify yesterday, and had overwhelming memories of sitting on couches trying to impress people I fancied while listening to him. Which probably says something about the level of influence he had on aesthetics and the queer community, and were not unpleasant memories to have. Pointing out that I'm not a proper fan is mostly me wanting to observe that lots of people were, whereas I only had any albums because a cooler friend sold me his old computer.

There's a couple of his songs which mean a lot to me: Rebel Rebel from when I was 20, and moving away from home, and trying to figure out gender. A year or two ago I discovered Queen Bitch and it matters too, because of senses of failure and because of needing a shot of bitterness ("I could do better than that") to get through everything.

I didn't want to not mark it, is all. I will miss there being new Bowie songs which cooler friends play me, and appreciate what he did.

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