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I am back at university, and have got to all vital appointments and classes in the first three weeks. (My timetable this term is heavily concentrated, which means I have to try and absolutely always be on form on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but that most of the rest of the week is my own to structure. I think I like this? It sort of worked for me during my access course. But also, it means I will probably be quite stressed on Monday and Tuesday evenings and basically a zombie on Wednesdays evenings throughout the next three months. All this is bearable, and knowing it at the beginning of term is a good thing).

I am, lets face it, really quite anxious about third year but I am trying to mostly experience that as 1) it makes sense to care about a year which is very important to completing my degree 2) I am actually capable of rising to the challenge 3) it is not a final dreadful culmination of my worth, it is a set of tasks I have to complete in order to get to the next phase of my career and onto masters etc. Which I think is the right way to look at this.

(I started writing this on Thursday of Week One, and then failed to post it. Although I am still really pleased that I have managed decent attendance since then, especially as health and pain stuff have been sub-optimal. It is a Thursday, so while I have done some necessary things I have also been useless at work, as I predicted I would be on Thursdays, but I am pleased with how work is going so far and that is good).

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