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Those of you with time machines- please go back to 2005/2006 and hand my sixteen or seventeen year old self Left Hand of Darkness. It is the book ze needed to read. 

I have a plan to record the as yet not publically stated number of books I read this year, and possibly blog about them. The first of them was Left Hand of Darkness, recommended by [ profile] thesofaofdeath .One of my sort of resolutions is to read this number of books, which I should be reading for the first time, not rereading. So, please would you give me your  book recommendations in the comments. 

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For those of you who are interested, I am feeling better today. Mostly because I have been ignoring the cover letter issue and immersing myself in space opera and knitting, and also filling envelopes (I had a very dull job today which was to fill envelopes and answer the phone and when done with that to wait for the phone to ring and knit and read space opera. I was paid for it).

So I'm a bit of a sucker for things that are epic and sprawling, in any form. Love Gormenghast, have been assured I will thoroughly enjoy Dune, my favourite novel is about the French Revolution and events happening on a massive scale, "A Canticle For Leibowitz" is up there among my favourite novels (1500 years of post nuclear holocaust history in which the Catholic church becomes a major power again). I spent bank holidays of my childhood watching fifties and sixties technicolour epics and still respond to those with the irrational part of my brain. And what little space opera I've read I really really like.

I'm reading Hyperion, by Dan Simmons. I'm about halfway through and will not succeed in saving the rest for the bus journey on Monday. I can't really afford to buy the next three books, and I'm not sure that they are in libraries. It is with this in mind that I would like to launch:

the campaign for keeping Inigo going through this summer with the Hyperion quartet, and stopping her rereading Ilium, Olympus and Hyperion about fifty times.
More epic space opera, please.
Mostly this should take the form of donations of second hand books, if anyone has them. Or if anyone feels ridiculously generous and is actually pecunious, donations of new books (I'm not asking for donations of new books, that would be greedy). Saving for Edinburgh may go badly if I can't find these books in some way involving little money being spent.

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Words cannot express how much I love "A Place of Greater Safety" by Hilary Mantel. There are various reasons for this: it helped me through some difficult times (and through AS Level history), it always makes me cry, it is the novel I want to write, it's beautiful, it's epic and the characterisation is perfect. BUT one stupid sentence has ruined my ability to take it seriously. The sentence is this (for background information it is Camille Desmoulins thinking about writing):

 I wonder why I ever bothered with sex, he thought; there's nothing in this breathing world so gratifying as an artfully placed semi-colon. 

I got an absolutely hopeless fit of the giggles after reading that on the tube last night. I then was plunged into thought, which I will document below.

Inigo's thoughts on reading this sentence

WHY MANTEL, WHY? Please, justify the sentence. Is it just because I  have never succeeded in placing a semi-colon artfully? When is my next opportunity to artfully place a semi-colon so I can see whether this works? Does this only work in French? Is this actually Mantel talking rather than Desmoulins? WHY? You know, I'd laugh even more if this was in something else, something I didn't take seriously. How many more lines like this are there going to be? How on earth did I not notice this line the first nine times I read this book. WHY?!

If someone could justify that line for me, either with their own experience, or with literary/character points (Desmoulins is fundamentally pretentious... things like that) it would be much appreciated. My world view would exist again.

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Can anyone help me resolve a not a dispute so much as mutual wondering, and inform me of the best music to which one should listen while reading Terry Pratchett? Apparently the Smiths, because both they and Terry Pratchett make me happy, isn't valid unless its for me alone. So far we have Kings of Convenience, and that's about it. Oh, and AS Byatt combined with listening to Kate Bush is perfection personified. Ideally I want to find a match like that for Terry Pratchett. In other news, I am very much failing to work, since the siren lure of TVITG and Kate Bush are preventing me from doing so. But off to the library now.
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