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There is a wemic in my head and she has gone in a very odd direction, and I don't understand.

I'm not going to do a good and bad thing, because it was by far the best event I'd attended. An awful lot of so-IC-it-hurt, both with the massive angst and worry and awesome headspace and character interactions, and then the unexpected happy and being overly influenced by Ptolemy.

Seriously, hats worked their way into the "so IC it hurt bit". Hats. I can write emo hat fic. I can write lol hat fic. And no  one is stopping me from writing wemic porn.

Also seeing people OC was great, and major, major thanks to [ profile] amagiclantern , [ profile] reipan , [profile] james_is_sorry , the Amadan crew and [ profile] safer666 for awesome role play. (the latter being brief, but great fun). Absolutely anyone who wants to write/IC chat with Nefreti, you must (or fic conversations)

Why can't  I live at Maelstrom?

Also, does anyone wish to help me create a secondary based on the man with a pineapple? Or tell me of his epic and tragic death.

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Maelstrom was very much mixed. There was awesome people, there were awesome character things but there was much weirdness.

Med fail didn't affect me so much, because I did manage to get one of the anti depressants I take off t[ profile] thesofaofdeath (Thank you so much) which was good, and meant I didn't have scary citalopram withdrawal nightmares (so bloody vivid) after the first night. But it did cause worry.

Weather fail, affected both myself and James a lot (everything getting soaked on friday night, mild hypothermia leading to both of us having to time out a fair bit and look after the other, and also to wearing all of my fairly androgynous clothes. It's a good thing we play an eccentric explorer and his slave. (Having returned I did not enjoy the conversation I had with my father which was lacking in sympathy and just being told that I hadn't prepared properly and my mother would have prepared better, as would "anyone going to a rock festival". True, but annoying and I just wanted to be told something along the lines of "It is understandable that you lost your phone as you were barely able to move and your bag got torn because of the wet")

I am very much grateful to [profile] ima_itrew and her awesome supplies of blankets and food and tea and hot vodka. And overall the weekend was really good, and I am less annoyed than I was yesterday at the limited amounts of playing I managed, because the bits I did manage were awesome (apart from the problem of playing a quiet character, which is getting forgotten about and left behind). And it was so awesome to see people.

Now to sort out downtime.
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Maelstrom was cool. Admittedly there were a few problems, such as the amount of time I spent ill in various forms, once because of heat, once because of drinking far too much (James was amazing on both occasions, especially on the latter. He kept hold of my glasses, and losing those would have been disastrous) and the other problems are mostly my ridiculous errors (forgetting the Maelstrom exists! How stupid am I, and major thanks to people for not breaking character at that point and telling me I was being stupid). In other things, Nefreti's characterisation hasn't quite gone the way I wanted. She's fun, she's just very meek. Ridiculously meek in fact. Nefreti when faced with Flembic fops hitting on her either giggles  (because they are so ridiculous) or just goes "um. could you stop doing that.? um". Having said that the exchange with Fermat the Last was very fun. So the plans for making her a bit evil, or just generally a bit cool, didn't go terribly well. Having said that, I had never roleplayed properly before (I've monstered twice, but that didn't involve talking) and was pretty nervous, so it went about as well as could be expected. And it was really fun, even though she is mostly reactive and meek. 

Also [profile] notdan's birthday party was brilliant, and there was striptease! (Also IC Nefreti may be gay, since she did pay for the burlesque, because I was not going to let character stand in the way of seeing corsets and tassles.)

I am currently doing a secretarial course, and then doing some legal secretarial courses, if I can get my typing up to speed. It means I don't have an huge amount of time to earn money in the next month or two, which is a bit of a problem since I'm going to need money for Edinburgh. Will see whether I get another few days at the Royal Court, I suppose.
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