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I have an audition for World Theatre at East 15 tomorrow. I am preparing a speech from Thermidor, on the effects of pretending the Terror was just on the people enforcing it, which should have enough range (I tried doing pieces from "A Number" by Caryl Churchill, but in that play the mood only ever changes between scenes), show some awareness of international theatre, and be from a play about which I know a fair amount. Also, it is not one of Robespierre's speeches, so I'm likely to make some sense.

I also have an interview and a movement audition.

Please, wish me luck or whatever equivalent you have.

Now, I'm off to prepare
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Bedworth is a forgettable name, or one that should be used in a rap shoutout. Possibly both.

Ikea is the friend of newly separated people, students, people who've decided to have a dinner party for twenty people when they own little furniture, and budget immersive theatre.

When asked for a reactionary book I will now provide "The World According to Garp"

I do not agree with my characters taste in books, even when I gave them one of my favourites to discuss, while discussing things I like about it.

All rehearsals should have custards.

It takes about three attempts to smash a pound store seconds teapot.
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"Always So Free" - a dark comedy of intrusion, mental illness, Calvados and the crushing void of life after A levels. Anita and Simon are alarmed and bemused to find their quiet middle class lives interrupted by the sudden and illegal entrance of Hannah into their quiet middle class flat, breaking their teapot to boot! Suddenly deprived of tea, they must come to terms with their unexpected guest This incredibly intimate performance places the audience right in the action and includes free tea and cake with your ticket. With a hot drink in your hand, delicious cake in your mouth and the smell of calvados wafting across the stage you will be immersed in a theatrical world that fills all your senses. All Performances in the Tin Angel Artists' Studios, Tin Angel, Medieval Spon Street. Coventry CV1 3AX Wed 27th (7pm only) to Sun 31st January, 1pm and 7pm. Tickets £5 (£4 unemployed and NUS).

If you're in the Coventry area, please do come to see it. It's Mixed Things' first full production (i.e. not a slot in the evening), it's come together really well, and it does involve cake.
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Today, woke up relatively early, then late, then ridiculously late. It was okay though and when I eventually got up the world was good. Saw nurse, discovered there are no anger management programmes in Coventry, came back to [ profile] amagiclantern 's awesome post and read amazing homophobic, bi-phobic,  wankery the Times published (I need to send an email to complain, but seriously, the ariticle broke all bounds of sense), did some washing up while mocking said article, wrote audition notice for next production, posted it, and had a bath and read some of the new William Boyd. Take current medication (four pills) go to bed to read.  Then end up going back down to check on applications. Must not get sucked back into the internet.

The last week was supposed to be productive week while we weren't rehearsing. Because of various headspace stuff that didn't happen so much, but  I did get a new story started, and now finally have started work on producing/directing Boy Number 5, and succesfully performed poetry for the first time in a while, and got a good response. I have a big slam in my head, but I'm not sure how to get it into concrete form, so I'm going to be working on that this week. 

Otherwise it will be rehearsals, stressing over rehearsals and trying to get auditions together, and then the scary production week.

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The reading and play were this week, Sunday and Tuesday respectively. The weekend involved a lot of rehearsing. And angst about showing people my brain. (I rang the lovely [ profile] secondterminal shortly before the reading started, telling her about this worry and her response was "Don't worry, they're possibly not the healthiest, but it's not that obviously a play about wanting to sleep with X". Both times I needed to be calmed considerably beforehand, and had moments when I wanted to be anywhere else.

The reading was good. Rather More Pressing Issues is possibly too visual as plays go, and too idiosynchratic, but I have some hope for it. I need to keep the beasts purple, and to work on structure a bit more.

And Always So Free went wonderfully. The cast and director were so good, and brought so much to my 19 page slice of depressive fantasy and musing. The production reminded me that naturalism can be jarring, and both entice and alienate people, and according to the member of the audience un paralysed with worry the audience were intrigued. And the pauses worked. You don't know how happy I am that the various pauses we decided on worked, as did the cut off sentences and the physicality. And we made the theatre smell of Calvados, and that worked so well.

Really, the cast and the director did remind me why I want to write for theatre, because at every stage if it works you are creating something new and strange and collaborative. And because when you write the words down that's only the beginning, and everything can bring more to it

Also James really is owed a credit as the producer, without whom we wouldn't have been able to do any cool stuff, as we wouldn't have had any actors, rehearsal space or props. Or anyone to calm us down. Or lunch.

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My full length play, Rather More Pressing Issues, is being staged as a rehearsed reading by Arch 468 on the 10th of May, and has made me reevaluate my concept of weeks (whether they start on Sunday or Monday) for the week I would have said started on 11th of May.

If you feel like going to see it, it features, in no particular order, umbrellas,an apocalypse, bison, scripture, a madman, catatonia and German grammar. And awkwardness.
Sunday 10th May, 7pm at Arch 468 (who are at Loughborough Junction train station I believe).

I should probably plug Always So Free as well
A short play about breaking and entering. Calvados, mental illness and unrealistic expectations
Tuesday 12th May 7.30 pm, LOST Theatre One Act Festival, New End Theatre, Hampstead.
(There are three plays, and people are likely to want people to see them, so booking at is a good idea. It  already says that tickets are limited for the evening.
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My one act play has been selected for a Festival taking place in May. Now I need to fix it, find a cast etc. But people shall see it.

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