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I got my official Birkbeck offer today. It made me happy. Am going to start on the reading list, possibly some of which in the original, soon. Once I find the reading list. Was hopelessly overprepared for the interview, but not so much that I convinced the interviewer I was a nutter who should not be allowed near a library. They let me in! (I still do not quite believe this). I know I have told almost all of you this already, but it is now official. The path of much doom does not lie before me. 

Anyone know how I could bleach my hair without it turning orange? It's dyed red at the moment, hence the risk of orange. 

Will post a more coherent update later.
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So I just wrote an essay. Admittedly its not so good, and it's too short to be a proper essay, but there's one semi decent paragraph there and that's a good thing. And it means that I have *finally* written something about TITN, which is a mountain I was waiting to climb. Off course I'm now procrastinating from the next essay by updating my LJ.

Will review Betty Blue, probably on, later today, when I have more to say than this: beautiful, circular, haunting, tragic film which is exceptionally well acted. I was slightly infuriated (okay, I was infuriated) by a friend saying that Dalle isn't terribly good in it. 

An Hamlet essay awaits.
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Weird Self justificationy post

Most of you will know I was forced because of circumstances to take six months out of education (actually five months and three weeks, but lets not be overly pedantic). So here is my list of what I haven't, and have done, during the enforced hiatus.

I haven't:

Travelled any further than Somerset, or found myself. If myself is hiding in India/Thailand/somewhere exotic I feel cheated. I do however feel more secure in myself than I did in March, not least because I have got back in touch with reality, which helps. I am going to Italy in a week's time, maybe myself will be there.

Read Proust, The Iliad, The Oddyssey or much great literature in the original. Wanted to do so, tried to do so a bit but was busy going mad/being exhausted at the time.

Improved my language work. Really should have done that, but haven't. See above reasons.

Worked for charity. Not least because there aren't that many starving villages in Chiswick, and because I was too scared to volunteer in charity shops.

So I haven't really done anything you're supposed to do during gaps, nor have I especially broadened my mind. I have, however:

Done an amazing internship at my theatre, which actually looks vaguely useful on a CV, and read lots of rubbish scripts while doing so.

Worked as a receptionist, the second dullest job in the world, which gives one a strange sense of power and a love/hate relationship with telephones and fax machines.

Finished the second draft of my play, the only intellectual thing I've done of late other than...

Start the comic, a project which should be really good.

And worked in a shop, the dullest job in the world which is extremely demeaning and has probably made an irrevocable impact on my view of people, especially people who use shops.

Oh, and I discovered that the meds do actually work and I need to keep taking them.

So not really sure whether to be pleased or unpleased with myself. Ah well. If you've read all this ramble you probably deserve a reward. I don't have one, other than being impressed with your boredom threshold.
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