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 Having first made sure I have the details of people the few people I 1) did not have on other platforms and 2) wanted to stay in touch, or had at least given them mine. Feel slightly apprehensive, but mostly good- it had become a source of social anxiety, weird status envy, and learning that I disagreed with people I otherwise really liked, and would not have known this without their Facebook. (Not even terrible things- just people feeling very strongly about What Is Correct Characterisation In LARP in a way I disagree, or feel very strongly about things express this especially aggressively). 

So- I am now going to try and remember that I have had a social life *fine* without Facebook in the past, that I do actually manage most of my social life without it, and that I like having a social life where my main thoughts on encountering a person are "Oh, it is Person! It is nice/interesting/suprising to see them here" and not "Oh, it is Person, I must not tell them HOW WRONG they were on the internet last week"

(This is less of a problem for other platforms- Facebook just hits a lot of things for me. Especially as it often suggests friends in an unhelpful, although predictable, algorithmic manner: despite having *many* Facebook friends in common with her, I would rather not add the girl who outdone me to our year when I was 15 as a friend. Likewise, I have between 40-60 friends in common with my ex husband, and although I wish him well and am glad he seems to be doing well, I did unfriend him for a reason. (Mostly: not wanting to know about the minutiae of his life, weird irrational conviction that he was doing life better than me) 
cAlso, had a pre university/leaving drinks thing yesterday, and enough people turned up to justify it (C and H, who are my London-going-to-the-pub-and-sometimes-also-church friends, E- a queer geek friend, A who was at the first lesson of swing dance to which I went and with whom I'd been meant to have coffee for ages and my baby sister). Many other people couldn't make it, but sent nice texts/made other plans. I felt happier for it, and got to prove to my sister that yes, my friends do actually exist. (She also liked them and got on with them, which helped). 
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How To Be Catlike in Your Everday Life.
An unpublished Wiki-How article.

1. Pick a step. Sit or preferably lie on this step. Actually sprawl across this step. Do not move if people wish to walk over the step, except to interfere with their progress more than you are already doing so.

2. Fall asleep on the step.

3. If it is in your interests to move from the step, do so casually. For example if the step is on the side of an erupting volcano, do not move for a very long time, and finally casually saunter between the jets of lava to safety.

4. Now you are off the step, jump at people’s knees. Unexpectedly.

5. There’s not much more to it than that.

Rejected points.

• die unexpectedly
• have no sense of ownership.
• work out precisely the wrong place for you to sit, and sit there (pretty much covered with the stair point)
• moult
• scratch at things.

(inspired by the title of a wiki how article, which apparently bears no resemblance to an actual cat. And by some cats I've known.)


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