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Things are quite good. Tomorrow I will have seen James three times in a fortnight, which is nice and rare and making me happy. I might get a day or two's  temp work, which will get rid of the problem that I far too far into my allowance less than a week into April, mostly because I bought trousers the other day which cost £36 and are very nice, but given that my allowance works out at twenty five pounds a week, and I have spent more money, if I don't get temping I will spend the rest of April in penury. Had a nice conversation with my mother earlier explaining the beauty of the Aeneid (I apologise to both [profile] clauded_horizon and [profile] resurgamlaura but I do find the Aeneid beautiful and tragic) and seguing into epic in general and Hektor and Andromache in particular, and this made me realise that I do still love Classics, and can probably talk about it at interview, possibly without reading a further fifteen tragedies between then and now. Someone randomly offered to ring me and discuss Greek tragedy tomorrow to calm me down. That was nice. The Suppliants is a beautiful play, and some day I will stage it featuring all fifty daughters of Danaus and a corresponding number of Egyptian thugs :D. (so that when the chorus all say that an egyptian thug has grabbed their leg, it will be true). I will forever envy Madeline having been in it. Madeline is back from India on Saturday, and I'll probably get to see her in the next week. Dr Who is starting on Saturday and I am going to watch it with Mark and a glass of wine, and make silly comments, and then have a comic writing session. I'm seeing Jessie for the first time in ages on Saturday, and will be reassured that getting a degree does not sort out one's life completely, and probably just interests you in subjects more interesting than Law, but will also be able to talk to her about Classics. I'm not mental at the moment, my meds are working and I have some prospects. Dana's coming over for supper this evening and we're going to watch Angel. 'twill be fun. I'm relatively content. And with that I should go and pick up Dana.
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For some reason Modern american literature puts me in a good mood. Possibly because I like the teacher, possibly because it's one on one and therefore my thoughts are considered to be of merit, worthwhile and NOT those of a six year old, possibly because I just enjoy getting angry at fictional, spoilt, american ex pats. (They are SO irritating. Seriously, when you identify more with the characters in Brideshead than you do in with another novel there's something wrong. Although I have a *slight* thing about Brideshead, as you may have noticed). 
But regarding other things at college, they're going a bit better. I might get more one on one lessons, which means fewer hours but going at a speed which is not ridiculously slow, so that's good. And if I can stop the social paranoia I might succeed in talking to people out of lessons, which would be a good thing. That seems unlikely at the moment but if I can manage to enjoy the lessons then a lot of pain goes out of my year. And I feel like myself.

I'm listening to Kirsty Maccoll's Innocence on repeat, because it helps with the happiness, and want to recommend it to everyone, just for the fantastic bitchiness of it. She's so horrible she's almost Ciceronian, apart from the fact that she's direct.
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